Don’t Compare: Loving Yourself Where You’re At

It’s scary when you start out in yoga. Everyone seems so good and flexible that insecurities can run away with the minds of new students. I know the feeling all too well and I’ve been doing yoga for years now, however, I still fall into those familiar thought patterns.

As we were just starting off the class loosening up our bodies, I was caught myself observing my neighbor who was older than I was. In response to seeing her flexibility, my body began to move with more conviction. I realized I was competing with my neighbor to see who could do better cat-cows, only it was a race she didn’t know she was in.

It was all in my head, these thoughts of me not being as good as she is. I caught myself and brought my mind back onto my own mat. Everything was going well until we transitioned into our vipassana because as we went into downward dog I noticed my mind beginning to run that pattern again. Continue Reading →