Ying Yoga: Unchain your Soul

At Ying Yoga studio, we celebrate life with yoga and live music. We feel that music has a profound and positive impact on our yoga practice. Music can help lift students through difficult sequences with upbeat tune or create a restorative vibe with calm harmony.

We want to keep the spirit of Austin, live music capital of the world, alive in our studio. The shared love of music and yoga creates a palpable synergy and sense of community. Our goal is also to support arts. The more live music we use in our studio, the more opportunity there are for musicians to perform and make a living. Both yoga and music communities with thrive as we continue to collaborate and grow together.

At our studio we try to cater to all different types of yogis and people. Therefore, we have a talented bunch of experienced instructors offering variety of classes. We aim to help people achieve what they want by making yoga fun, creative, relaxing, empowering, healing and challenging. To each his own.