Ashtanga (80°-90°) – Follow the Yogi.
The Eight Limbs of Yoga

  • Yama – Ethical disciplines
  • Niyama – Self observation
  • Asana – Posture
  • Pranayama – Breath control
  • Pratyahara – Sense withdrawal
  • Dharana – Concentration
  • Dhyana – Meditation
  • Samadhi – A state of joy and peace

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Class type: basic

Root (80°-90°) – This moderately-paced class will include sun salutations and a wide range of standing and seated postures designed to increase strength, balance and flexibility. Great for beginners and people of all ages. Designed to leave you feeling steady, balanced, and calm, this is our all-levels hatha yoga class.
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Class type: relax

Relax (76°) – Relax is a class combined with Yin and Restorative yoga.
Yin yoga is based on the Taoist concept of yin and yang, opposite and complementary principles in nature. Yin is the stable, immobile, hidden aspect of things; yang is the changing, moving, revealing aspect. In the body, the relatively stiff connective tissues (tendons, ligaments, fascia) are yin. Restorative means having the ability to restore health, strength, or a feeling of well-being, Restorative yoga is all about to feeling your life,your breaths and your whole well-being. Relax is the perfect class for students looking to meditate and relax. as class focuses on stretching and relaxation. a practice that leads the yogi toward a more healing and recuperative experience. Moving slowly through the poses allows yoga,you to explore your mind and body at a soft and natural tempo.
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Vinyasa Sculpt (80°-90°) – Vinyasa Sculpt combine with weights, music, breath, movement and heat to deliver a complete well rounded body workout. Sculpt yoga will assist you on your path for managing stress and increasing endurance, strength and flexibility. This class will start with Vinyasa flows to warm up, adding personal chosen weights for foundation Sculpting. Ending with Stretch and Relaxation.
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Class type: flow

Vinyasa (80°-90°) – Vinyasa, this word can be translated as arranging something in a special Way. Each movement is a gradual progression from one to the next. The movement is aligned and linked with the breath so that you move with each inhale and exhale. Deep Vinyasa yoga classes are ones where there is a dynamic flow from posture to posture. combined with Music and each teacher’s unique spirit, you will have total body movement ends with 20 mins relaxation.
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Vinyasa to Yin (80°-90°)
30 mintues Yang Vinyasa
30 mintues Yin Relaxation, the combination and fusion of two cosmic force.

  • Yin: the dark swirls associated with shadows, moon, femininity, wave of thought, static stillness soft, flexibility.
  • Yang: the light of swirl, represents brightness, sun, passion growth, masculinity, movement, power strength.

Everything and everyone has Yin Yang as the coin has two sides. Vinyasa is a celebration coordinated between movements and breaths, flow from one breath to the next, slowly immerse yourself feeding the flowing breath left in your vinyasa only. Darkness are not your shadows; they are part of you. Namaste.

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Class type: hot power

Hot Power (85°-95°) – Class with heat set to 85-95 degrees to help students go deeper in their postures, find more flexibility and aid in detoxification. Hot yoga goes above and beyond when it comes to relieving stress and building inner confidence. This practice is the true definition of “mind over matter.” The endorphin rush you receive after completing a sweat session will leave you feeling like there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.This is a strong and fun class that will make you break a sweat, feel invigorated and help you connect with yourself in new ways!
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Candlelight Flow

Candlelight Flow (80°-90°) – The Candlelight Flow classes take a slow pace. These Flow sequences will create a focus on breathy and self-energy while targeting specific areas of the body. Students coordinate movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next, dynamic and flowing. Candlelight Flow dose not follow a defined sequence of postures, it is a fun ,relax, athletic form of Yoga that will lift your spirit and reset your heart.
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Class type: fly

Fly (80°) – Aerial-yoga practices combine traditional yoga with aerial acrobatics. An aerial yoga “silk,” or hammock—suspended from the ceiling or a metal frame—that can support your weight, ease pressure, create space in your joints, decrease compression in your spine, and help you find more mobility. Inside the hammock, you close off everything around you and have awareness of mind, body and spirit. There are new and improved movement that open up space in the body and mind, and thus you also get to experience more joy and optimism.
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* This class is only available for Ying Yoga members. No drop-ins, nor class packages.

Fly Flow (80°) – Combined with ground flow vinyasa mixed with strength & stretch aerial hammock. All levels and ages are welcome, yoga & aerial double certificated teacher(a dancer!) will lead you into a unknowing experience of your Flow of the Life…
your life flows
your flow flie…
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Unknown at noon

Unknown at noon – This is a class that has no set formula or arranged concept. It will vary by week and be determined by the atmosphere and the mood of the yogis present at that moment. It could be Vinyasa Flow, Root, or Yin, Meditation or a combination. The teacher will adjust in the present to design a class for the community. Yogis come to the class with an open heart to inquire about the origins of their expectations. What are your expectations? How do your expectations serve you and also cause suffering? “The only thing I know is that I know nothing.” – Socrates
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Slow Burn (80°-90°) – Slow Burn focuses on healing breathwork and smooth, powerful movements and postures. This class features unique practices and yogic techniques and combines elements from many forms of Yoga to deliver an empowering therapeutic, healing and meditative experience.
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Renew & Restore (80°-90°) – Starting with some gentle and tender Flow for renewing & focuses on deep restorative yoga postures and therapeutic breathing and meditation practices that will help bring your being into balance and harmony. Leave with a feeling of lightness and vitality to help carry you through the day and weekend.
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Hatha + Sound – Hatha + Sound is a class at Ying Yoga that helps us to center ourselves and focus on connecting our body and mind to be in the now. This class is intended to help calm our minds through asanas or postures, breathe, mediation, and a little ki gong. This practice is accessible to all levels. Each class ends with a singing bowls sound healing short session, which helps you to leave the studio feeling reenergized, realigned, and peaceful.
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