At our studio we try to cater all different types of yoga and practitioners . Therefore, we have a talented bunch of experienced teachers offering variety of classes. We aim to help people achieve what they want by making yoga fun, creative, relaxing, empowering, healing and challenging. To each his own.

Ying Yang
I was a model in China for more than a decade. High fashion, glamor, and fitness have been a part of my life since I started modeling as a teenager. I enjoyed the life of a model, but I disliked the stereotyped labels that came with being a model. In order to escape I turned to yoga. Yoga is what became my savior. It gave me the peace of mind I was craving and brought about a conscious transformation in my life. The more I practiced yoga, the more I fell in love with it.

I opened Ying Yoga studio to share my love of yoga with other people and help them see how yoga can be their savior in some way. The highlight of Ying Yoga studio is our non fussy atmosphere and facility that feels like your at home. Our diverse and excellent teachers add ease, humor, and delight to the classes with stories and unique personalities. My vision for Ying Yoga is to create a community about love, yoga, art, and music. Come practice with us! Learn to breathe and move through yoga asanas properly! My goal is for you to leave class super sweaty and feeling like you released a good bit.

Thank you so much to our entire little yoga community! Without each one of you the studio would not exist! So much gratitude in my heart to be able to practice yoga together!

Jackie Ey
Jackie Ey began her yoga practice in 2001 while attending Texas Tech University as a collegiate golfer to help strengthen her body and increase her flexibility. Later on, she worked as a personal trainer specializing in corrective/functional exercise realizing how much yoga truly benefits all movement patterns. In early 2013, she completed Jonny Kest’s LifePower RYT 200-hour certification and smoothly transitioned herself into the teaching community. She is currently working on her RYT 500 and hopeful to get an additional degree in nursing.  On the mat, she brings her passion for mind-body awareness, guiding students to discover themselves in a new light, encouraging them that anything can be done with practice and patience. Knowing the importance of proper engagement, she focuses her attention on a strong foundation and core but keeps her practice light and fun.

David Daigle
I am a spiritual, electrical, unlimited being and a seeker of truth. I love yoga and I love connecting. Teaching yoga is a way to have both. Some one once told me the path to enlightenment is through breath and posture. This resonates with me. Yoga has so many opportunities to breath deep and sit up straight. Outside of yoga I work for Travis County as a Firefighter/EMT. It is an honor to serve my community. Yoga and Firefighting do not feel like work. They are something I love.

Amber Fowler
My name is Amber and I thankfully found yoga a little over 10 years ago. I completed my 200 hour teacher training at Black Swan Yoga 6 years ago. When I first began to practice yoga, I only did it for the physical aspect. I was in one or two car accidents growing up that really messed my head and back up. I developed minor scoliosis, my back was in an S shape, I had 3 or 4 vertebrae that stuck out in the middle of my back to the point where I couldn’t lie comfortably on my back, I had constant car sickness and headaches, I had insomnia, I developed a short term memory problem, and consequently depression. I tried going to chiropractors and specials for years to help, but they would only temporarily relieve the pain. After one full year of constantly practicing yoga, my spine was COMPLETELY straight, I had no abnormal pains, no headaches, I could sleep, and best of all I WAS HAPPY AGAIN. By this point, I knew there was a much deeper meaning to yoga than just the physical. I began to have a real connection with the world, myself, and reconnected with God through yoga/mediation. Since then I’ve studied Reiki (level 1) as well as practice massage techniques during yoga to deepen the intensity (depending if you want more spiritual or physical). I know my purpose on this earth is to be a healer and to help others. I am not here for myself. I am merely an empty vessel that He so graciously fills me up SO full that I can’t help but spill onto others. Yoga and meditation can change your life if you let it and I am so honored to be apart of your journey. I love how powerful and moving music can be and I enjoy using that as a tool to spark something on the inside, maybe open something up. I haven’t studied chakras too thoroughly but I have experienced mine opening up and others. It is a very intense and amazing emotional release. And It is totally OKAY (actually encouraged) to cry in my class, I WILL cry with you. I became empathic after I had my baby 4 years ago. It’s a beautiful gift that helps guide me to those in need. So please, if you do not want to be touched/adjusted during class let me know beforehand.

Lizbeth Calleja

Lizbeth Calleja
Lizbeth has been teaching yoga for 10 years, but her personal practice began 13 years ago when she moved to Texas from Mexico City. At first, yoga was a way to find new friends, practice English, and to re-discover her purpose in this new and unfamiliar place, soon she realized that this practice allowed her to heal in deeper ways that she never imagined before.

She became a yoga teacher in 2012 and in 2017 completed her 300hr teacher training becoming now a 500hr experienced and registered yoga teacher.

She is passionate about helping others to relax and to come back to this peaceful place that live within each one of us.

Recently she finished her training in yoga medicine for the spine and hip.

Simon Apunte
“The path is calling, we need no destination. Love is the path, it has no destination.” – Nomi

Hello :)! My name is Simon! I’m here to spread love and light in this world. My path to Yoga truly started as I opened myself up to the need and want of healing energy. The practice and the work, through all the infinite sources of Yoga, has completely changed my life in the best way possible.

As an Army Veteran, I’ve found a calling to help other Veterans and First responders– by sharing these Yoga practices at no cost.  If I could give one gift to my brothers and sisters in arms, to help save a life, that gift would be Yoga.

Shirley Barrick

Shirley S Barrick, RN, BSN, RPYT
I am a retired nurse who worked a long career in different aspects of woman’s health care. When I decided to become a yoga teacher I knew I also wanted to keep working with women so I completed an additional training in prenatal yoga. I have now had the pleasure of working with many expectant moms and have learned the real value of prenatal classes. It is not just a physical practice, it is so much more. The women support one another, feel free to express feelings and concerns and often form friendships that continue after their baby is born. It is my pleasure to provide the class format that supports both the physical and emotional needs of the clients.

Ami Stewart

Ami Stewart
“Yoga” means “connection.” As we all emerge from a year of change, we are all craving more connections. A yoga community like Ying Yoga is a blessing. A welcoming smile, an instructive touch, a heartfelt hug constantly confirm that we are where we are supposed to be.

In 2000, I sat at the feet of my first teacher to become a registered yoga teacher. My practice has always been heavily influenced by the respected lineage of Ashtanga. My strongest connection is to my teacher Jonny Kest. I recertified my 200 Hours in his style, became a yoga teacher trainer faculty, and then received my 500 hour designation with him in Michigan in 2015. As per his request (and by his strong example) I have attended Vipassana Meditation course several times.

In 2017, I moved to central Mexico for fun and adventure. When I found an amazing studio, I repeated another 200 hour certification (in Spanish!) While the vocabulary is different, the meaning is still clear- connection. My dog and I decided to return back to Austi for COVID and now I am happy to connect with you here.

Jennifer Lee Moulton
Jennifer finished her 200 hour YTT in Rishikesh India on October 2019. This certification was a gift to her self after passing her one year post kidney transplant date. Jennifer was introduced into the world of energy, when she followed her intuition one day that said find another way to better manage the chronic disease she was living with, that eventually caused her kidneys to fail. She attended a life changing ki gong seminar, without any prior experience or knowledge about energy. This lead her to continue to study, practice, and/or try many different energy practices from ki gong, to reiki, to tai chi, to acupuncture, sound healing, marma therapy, and of course yoga. Exploring all these paths have helped her learn a lot about herself and grow in ways she never imagined. She is forever grateful for the suffering of ill health that helped her start on this journey of the self through the self to the self. She hopes her classes can help inspire others to keep going no matter what kind of storm may exist in your life. You can expect a mix of her experiences in different energy practices among the main mindful movements of Hatha Yoga, when you take her class. Jennifer hopes in practicing together we can inspire each other to discover and experience your own potential and light, and feel a sense of community and oneness.

Zoey Chen

Zoey Chen
I first started my yoga practice as a form of light exercise 10 years ago. As someone who had never done any physical exercises or sports in school, I thought yoga would be a good low-impact workout for me to start out. Though I did gain a lot of strength and flexibility from asana practices, what made me keep going back to my mat was that peaceful feeling I always had after a yoga practice. Whether it’s a hot fast-paced power yoga class or a slow and sweet Yin yoga class, I always feel my mind quieted, my anxiety eased, and my stress relieved afterward. Later in life, yoga has become one of the most useful resources that help me orient in life and get through hardships. As I continue studying yoga, not just the physical practice, but yoga as a whole, I learned so much about myself, about the world around me, and about the connections in between. Every day I feel grateful that I have yoga in my pocket to cope with life. Now I want to share this amazing experience with you – I hope I can guide you to find this tool for life, find the connection between body and mind, and find the magical inner peace that I had after every yoga class.

Gil A. Perez
Gil started practicing Power Yoga in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico in 2009 at the age of 37. Even though he found it quite challenging, he continued to practice, which began an extensive journey of Yoga. In 2010, Gil took his first Hatha Yoga teacher training at the Rishikesh Yoga Peeth School in India the summer of 2010 for seven weeks. After returning to Puerto Rico he started teaching around the island, including various maximum security prisons where he lead the yoga program for about two years. Teaching yoga there helped inmates reduce anxieties, the use of medications, as well as enhanced other aspects of life.
In 2012 Gil began practicing Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Rocket Vinyasa Yoga under the tutelage of David Kyle (founder of Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga). Gil deepened his practice by training with David (who is an advanced student of the late Larry Schultz, creator of Rocket Yoga System). After completing his training Gil began teaching at David’s studio, Ashtanga Yoga Puerto Rico, in San Juan.
In 2016 he relocated to Austin, teaching in various local main studios around the city. Gil continues to lead Rocket Workshops around Texas and other states, as well as provide various other opportunities for yoga practitioners to deepen their practice.
He have 500+ hours in teacher trainings, and thousands hours of teaching since 2010, and his philosophy strongly resides that the true learning it’s in the practice itself. He works with all levels of practitioners to find their own internal compass for bringing their Yoga practice to Life.

Amber Ammann

Amber Ammann
Amber’s fascination with yoga began in 1999. Having been a competitive figure skater for 15 years and getting injured it was time to move on to the next chapter. Not knowing exactly how, she quickly found a yoga book and taught herself the sun salutation. Every morning this was her practice and she quickly felt relief not only in her physical body but emotionally as well. From then on yoga has always played a part in Amber’s spiritual journey and it became evident in 2016 that was time to go deeper into her practice. Amber completed her RYT 200 certification at LifePower Yoga under the direction of Jonny Kest. For Amber Yoga is LIFE! And feels honored to be able to share this journey with others.

Katie Defalco
Hi my name is Katie, I was born and raised in the Chicagoland area. After high school I moved to New York, NY to study musical theater at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy. I started doing yoga in 2013 after the birth of my first child. I had just moved from Chicago, IL to Raleigh, NC and I was looking for a new routine and way to get back in shape. I had friends that recommend I try yoga. I went into it thinking it would be a great workout with a lot of stretching, which it was, but what I hadn’t expected was the calming euphoric feeling I had at the end of class. In 2015 we moved to Austin and it wasn’t until I found Ying Yoga, and the studios amazing community of Yogi’s in the Fall of 2017, that I knew I needed to integrate yoga into my life as much as possible.

After about two and a half years of steady practice as a student I was excited to be apart of Ying Yoga’s first 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training. I’m excited to share my passion and love of yoga with you! My goal is to guide my classes in a way that allows everyone to walk out of class feeling proud of what they accomplished on their mat and feeling gratitude for their body, mind, and spirit! Namaste.

Tiffany Asha

Tiffany Asha
The most important job I have is building relationships with my students. “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel,” (Maya Angelou). That quote resonates with who I am as a teacher. I pride myself on creating a safe environment, with a strong community, where all students feel welcome, can communicate and express themselves openly, have ownership in the space, and what they learn.

My 17 years in the practice with strong Ashtanga/Hatha roots rings true in the class scope and sequencing – executed in a playful manner and still with a fantastic soundtrack. I’ve taught yoga in a hallway, a swimming pool, a loading dock, a gym, after standardized tests, the park, the beach, and in a traditional yoga studio with a single student and up to 200 students at once. Regardless of wherever you are or how many people are there, relationships and the student experience are what matter.

Since I was a small child I knew two things for sure: I was going to be a teacher, and I wanted to help others. I am so lucky to be able to do both. I absolutely love being a teacher.

Lenzie Schaefer

Lenzie Schaefer
I was born and raised in Austin, Tx, but just a few years ago we decided to put down new roots here in Cedar Park. I have a 13yr old step-daughter, 12yr old son and now an 8 month old baby boy. I have a background in fitness and personal training, but it wasn’t until my second pregnancy that I realized the true benefits of yoga. Initially I turned to prenatal yoga with the hopes of finding a more gentle form of movement during my pregnancy. I soon found out that yoga wasn’t just about flowing from one pose to the next, but more about being in the moment and creating a connection between my mind and body. Yoga taught me how to focus my thoughts and use my breath in ways that eased my mind and even helped prepare me for labor.

I fell in love with yoga and continued to practice after my baby was born. The more I practiced, the more passionate I felt about it. I want to share that passion with others and teach people the powerful benefits of having yoga in their lives.

Kait Coat

Kait Coat
I realized very young in life, moving your body can make a huge impact on your physical and mental wellbeing. It’s my goal for my students to feel stronger, happier, and more confident with each class they attend. I strive for all classes to be accessible to bodies of all shapes, sizes, and abilities.

I developed a love of movement at three years old when I started dancing. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from Webster University. While still in school I began my aerial career, both teaching and performing. I moved to New York where I completed more than 900 hours of Pilates training. Continuing my education in movement, I received trainings in yoga for both adults and children, Thai aerial yoga, meditation, myofascial release, barre, personal training, TRX, and more. I’ve been teaching for over 20 years, have more hours of training than I can count, have lead teacher trainings, but I know I am first and foremost a student! I am always looking to learn more.

Teaching any form of movement for me is about self care! I want you to feel healthier and happier inside and out through joyful and light hearted movement!