Fly your Soul

At Ying Yoga studio, we celebrate life with yoga and live music. We feel that music has a profound and positive impact on our yoga practice. Music can help lift students through difficult sequences with upbeat tune or create a restorative vibe with calm harmony.

We want to keep the spirit of Austin, live music capital of the world, alive in our studio. The shared love of music and yoga creates a palpable synergy and sense of  community based on love ,delightment and joy.

At our studio we try to cater all different types of  yoga and practicers . Therefore, we have a talented bunch of experienced teachers offering variety of classes. We aim to help people achieve what they want by making yoga fun, creative, relaxing, empowering, healing and challenging. To each his own.


Ying, Creater
I was a model for more than a decade. Fitness, glamor and fashion has always been a part of my life but I disliked how people put label on me and judged mine every move. Yoga was my savior. It gave me peace of mind and brought about a conscious transformation in my life. The more I practiced Yoga, the more I fell in love with it. Ying Yoga, a yoga studio that helps people enjoy yoga and fitness without being  judged or perfect. The highlight of Ying Yoga studio is live music with Yoga and Aerial fly yoga .our excellent faculty adds ease, humor, and delight to the classes with stories and unique personalities.My vision for Ying Yoga is to create a community about love, yoga and music.


Kait Coats
Kait developed a love of movement from an early age through dance. She taught dance all throughout high school and college. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from Webster University in St. Louis. It was during college, Kait was introduced to aerial movement. She has had the opportunity to preform and work with multiple aerial apparatuses, such as: silks, aerial cube, rope, and trapeze. (Although silk is by far her favorite!) In college she took her first yoga and Pilates classes, but it wasn’t until later she realized how passionate she was about both. While living in New York she completed a Pilates mat certification and loved it. Pilates is so meticulous, that Kait found it a wonderful way to keep both her body and mind active. She was interested in learning more so began a second training for the Reformer, Cadillac, and Chair. Kait had been practicing yoga at several studios throughout New York, but it wasn’t until she moved to Austin that she decided to pursue her yoga teacher training. She completed her RYT 200 hour training in the spring of 2016 and was so inspired by what she had learned, that she jumped at the opportunity to complete a Children’s yoga teacher training. The precise alignment of Pilates and the breath and flow of yoga allow for wonderful combination of both exercise and relaxation. She is excited to have you in her class and loves to hear from her students!


Juliana Bruno
Juliana Bruno began practicing yoga in 2008 as a way to balance her life as a school teacher. In 2012 she experienced an incredible transformational power in her practice. Setting an intention there on her mat, she decided to take this new path of teaching. She completed a 200 Hours of training at Lifetime Fitness under the direction of Jonny Kest.
Juliana uses yoga as an opportunity to learn integrity, honesty, discipline and acceptance. Her passion is to help inspire healing in others and to create a space that is free of judgment, full of love, joy and encouragement to move fearlessly through life both on and off the mat.


virginia Fugman
For me, yoga started as a supplement to strengthen other activities – swimming in high school, rowing in college, and distance running as an adult. Yoga became my primary practice when I became pregnant and couldn’t run as much as I had anticipated. After the birth of my son, Dario, yoga was there for me during my transition into motherhood. This is where I began to appreciate all that I could accomplish and enjoy through yoga.


Lizbeth Calleja
Lizbeth moved from Mexico City to Austin a few years ago and that is when yoga found her. After a year of practicing yoga, she dove deeper into her personal practice and all her steps guided her to complete Yoga Teachers Training four years ago.For her, Yoga has opened the portals of self exploration, self-knowledge, acceptance and transformation in many different levels. It has not only taught her asana (yoga poses), but has also taught her to pause, observe, listen and feel among many other things.She feels that life has given her an opportunity to share her experiences  with others as a yoga teacher.

John Reed
Hello! My name is John, and my journey into Yoga began eight years ago. It has been a constant transformation. I started with daily Vinyasa Flow classes in the Baptiste style, in a heated studio. Immediately I noticed a sense of ease and fluidity about myself that was not there before. After one year of daily practice, I began teaching classes at a studio near my home. A few months later I began my first teacher training. It was a six month 200 hour course with Stacy Dockins at The Yoga Project in Arlington. During those months I practiced every day, constantly sparking the flame of inspiration.When that training was finished, I knew I had to continue learning, and wanted to know more about the philosophy and spirituality behind Yoga. Among many other books, I read Osho’s Science of the Mind and Stephen Cope’s Yoga And The Quest For The True Self. I began to learn the Yoga Sutras and Sanskrit. I took a second 200 hour course in Ananda Yoga for Higher Awareness under Gyandev McCord, co-founder of The Yoga Alliance at the Expanding Light Ashram in northern California. I learned about the chakras, Yogic diet and lifestyle, astronomy, mantra chanting and Sadhana, and enriched my life greatly.I love sharing this great practice of Yoga and look forward to seeing you on your mat soon. Namaste!

Amber Ammann
Amber’s fascination with yoga began in 1999. Having been a competitive figure skater for 15 years and getting injured it was time to move on to the next chapter. Not knowing exactly how, she quickly found a yoga book and taught herself the sun salutation. Every morning this was her practice and she quickly felt relief not only in her physical body but emotionally as well. From then on yoga has always played a part in Amber’s spiritual journey and it became evident in 2016 that was time to go deeper into her practice. Amber completed her RYT 200 certification at LifePower Yoga under the direction of Jonny Kest. For Amber Yoga is LIFE! And feels honored to be able to share this journey with others.

Jackie Ey
Jackie Ey began her yoga practice in 2001 while attending Texas Tech University as a collegiate golfer to help strengthen her body and increase her flexibility. Later on, she worked as a personal trainer specializing in corrective/functional exercise realizing how much yoga truly benefits all movement patterns. In early 2013, she completed Jonny Kest’s LifePower RYT 200-hour certification and smoothly transitioned herself into the teaching community. She is currently working on her RYT 500 and hopeful to get an additional degree in nursing.On the mat, she brings her passion for mind-body awareness, guiding students to discover themselves in a new light, encouraging them that anything can be done with practice and patience. Knowing the importance of proper engagement, she focuses her attention on a strong foundation and core but keeps her practice light and fun.


Hi! I am Jill, a fellow Being trying to do my best. I have always been drawn to health and wellness and began a career as a Registered Nurse working in Labor and Delivery 2002. I was first drawn to yoga when my life began to fill with family and career demands as a way to knock out my need for physical exercise and rest in 1 quick hour. I lovingly refer to it as a -wam, bam, thank you ma’am- kind of experience. Over the years as my life grew thicker and thicker with demands, I began to lose track of myself and the guiding light of the divine within my soul. I reached in many directions looking to regain clarity until I surrendered myself to Yoga. Through the intellectual and spiritual guidance of my teachers I began to discover the power of yoga and reunite the layers of my mind, body and soul.

I learned that Yoga is so much more than a physical practice, I realized my physical practice was only any entry way to the greatest power of love imaginable. I found out those good feelings I kept coming back for were down much deeper then my muscles. I am awed by the ability Yoga has to infiltrate into any one person’s life in a way that is unique to them as an individual while simultaneously creating unity among many. I arrange my classes with this principle in mind. Leaving space for individuality along with intentional guidance through movement, breath and spirituality.

I LOVE all types of music. My Vinyasa flow classes are rooted in a thoughtful plan of combining breath and movement with music. I value mindfulness in both movement and stillness and seek to foster an environment of connection.

The word “Kula” in yoga is simultaneous for community. A primary purpose in both my Prenatal and Mother/Baby classes is creating community – We have all heard it takes a village and it really does. Not just for our children but for our selves as well.

Although I am no longer working at the bedside supporting pregnant and laboring Momma’s I am passionate about continuing to support women during their pregnancy. My Prenatal classes are focused in Mind-body connection. Combining movement with breath work and exploration. Encouraging women to find what “works” for them. My highest intention as a Prenatal Instructor is not simply to help women prepare for the birth of their child, it is to help women to prepare for motherhood.

My Mom/Baby yoga classes are focused on re-strengthening your new “mom-bod” as well as stretching and lengthening in the areas that tend to tighten up due to the demands of your role as a mother caring for an infant. This is a light hearted and fun spirited class incorporating playtime with your baby into your movements and allowing the open space for you to care for your baby as you need too.

Laurie Randel
Laurie is a passionate music-lover, yogi, counselor, educator, mother, and student. She started singing as a very young child in church and in her 40s learned guitar as a way to accompany her singing. Yoga entered her life about 13 years ago and she is looking forward to completing her 200-hour yoga teacher certification this summer. Her music and yoga practice provide her with a portal to peace and she loves sharing that connection with others. Laurie also works full-time as a middle school counselor and tries to keep pace with her two teenage daughters and two dogs. Her favorite yoga pose is pigeon!


Pan has been passionate about music since he was 12 years old. His first love was Rock ‘n’ Roll music. At the age of 15, he started learning how to play guitar and since then there was no looking back. For almost 20 years now, guitar has been his constant companion; Its been with him in his good and bad times.Pan loves playing live music when students practice yoga as he is able to just jam with the student’s breathing rhythms.