Don’t Compare: Loving Yourself Where You’re At

It’s scary when you start out in yoga. Everyone seems so good and flexible that insecurities can run away with the minds of new students. I know the feeling all too well and I’ve been doing yoga for years now, however, I still fall into those familiar thought patterns.

As we were just starting off the class loosening up our bodies, I was caught myself observing my neighbor who was older than I was. In response to seeing her flexibility, my body began to move with more conviction. I realized I was competing with my neighbor to see who could do better cat-cows, only it was a race she didn’t know she was in.

It was all in my head, these thoughts of me not being as good as she is. I caught myself and brought my mind back onto my own mat. Everything was going well until we transitioned into our vipassana because as we went into downward dog I noticed my mind beginning to run that pattern again. Continue Reading →

The Benefit of Maintaining a Regular Yoga Practice

The Benefit of Maintaining a Regular Yoga Practice - by Robert Nguye

Robert Nguyen

(Post written by Robert Nguyen) There is no doubt that yoga is great for health. It is physically challenging and my body has become stronger and more flexible as I improved. The conscious breathing that is the focal point of yoga helps improve blood flow in the body and brain, there is an increase in energy level, the body becomes less prone to injury. However, I noticed it’s not nearly as effective for me to only do yoga every once in a while. In my experience, I have learned the way to get the most benefit from yoga is consistency.

By practicing yoga regularly, I have developed the good habits that contribute to the health of my soul. With the chaotic lifestyles we live as Americans, we are often overworked, overwhelmed and disconnected with ourselves. Our schedules are typically busy and we are so rushed that our minds never have a chance to get a break.

That’s where yoga comes in. I see yoga as my chance to ground myself. When I am on the mat I can clear my head from all the clutter that fogs my mind that prevents me from thinking clearly and being fully engaged in life. Yoga can be such a valuable tool to help us reset but it’s not a resource we utilize enough. The average person only does yoga once a week but a lot can happen in a week. Continue Reading →